COP28 to drive demand for PR services in the UAE
Posted on 2023 Jul,24  | By Firas Sleem

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COP28 will take place in the UAE between November 30 and December 12, 2023. Firas Sleem, CEO, Virtue PR & Marketing Communications explores the role PR agencies in Dubai and the UAE will play during the much anticipated 13-day long global event set at Dubai Expo City.

The stage is set for the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). As the international community becomes increasingly focused on sustainability and climate action, the demand for effective communication and PR services has never been greater.

The prestigious COP28 conference offers opportunities for PR practitioners in the UAE to showcase their expertise and contribute to shaping the narrative around climate change.

Let us explore the role PR agencies in Dubai and the UAE will play during the COP28 conference, and why the global participants need to partner with a leading UAE PR agency during the global gathering of leaders, experts, and policymakers.  


PR market in the UAE

As a whole, the PR industry in the UAE continues to grow steadily. While specific figures for the size of the PR market in the UAE may vary, it is undoubtedly a thriving industry within the country's broader communications and marketing sector.

The growth is driven in part by the UAE's position as a global business and tourism hub. This status has attracted numerous multinational corporations and international organizations to the country’s shores, all of which require effective PR services to manage their reputations and communicate with both local and regional stakeholders.

The country's diverse economy, which spans sectors such as sustainability, finance, energy, real estate, hospitality, and technology, contributes to the robust demand for PR services across various industries.

Furthermore, the UAE's focus on hosting major global events, conferences, and exhibitions has fueled the growth of the PR industry. Events such as the Dubai Expo 2020 and now the upcoming COP28 conference draw international attention, necessitating strategic communication efforts to showcase the country's achievements and initiatives to a global audience.

As the UAE continues to position itself as a global player in various sectors, the PR industry will sustain its growth trajectory, offering immense opportunities for professionals and agencies in the years to come.


Role of PR in COP28

For the upcoming COP28 in November this year, PR practitioners will once again play an important role in the success of the event. Here are some of the ways that they can contribute:  


Raise Global Climate Change Awareness

Climate change has emerged as a pressing global issue, capturing the attention of governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide. The COP conferences bring together world leaders, environmental experts, and activists to discuss and negotiate climate policies and actions.

The upcoming COP28 conference in the UAE will provide a platform for nations to showcase their climate programs and commitment to sustainability. Consequently, the eyes of the world will be on the UAE, presenting a significant opportunity to shape public perception and catalyze positive change.


Highlight the UAE’s Climate Commitments

Hosting the COP28 conference provides the UAE with a unique opportunity to showcase its sustainability initiatives and position itself as a global leader in climate action. With their vast network and regional knowledge, PR agencies in Dubai and the rest of the UAE can work closely with government entities, environmental organizations, and corporations.

The collaboration may focus on the country’s efforts to implement renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, and innovative environmental initiatives that matter or make a difference.

The demand for PR services will surge as the UAE seeks to communicate its achievements, partnerships, and future goals to a global audience. PR professionals will be responsible for organizing press conferences, media interviews, and high-profile events that emphasize the country’s climate change mitigation efforts. They will also play a crucial role in fostering international collaborations, attracting investments and promoting sustainable tourism in the UAE.


Tap Digital Channels to Bring Climate Issues to Broader Audience  

In an increasingly digital world, PR efforts extend far beyond traditional media. During COP28, PR agencies in the UAE can leverage digital channels, including social media, effectively to amplify the conference's messages and engage a global audience.

PR agencies can develop comprehensive social media strategies, create compelling content, and actively engage with users to generate conversations around climate change. They will collaborate with influencers and thought leaders to reach wider audiences and create impactful campaigns that encourage sustainable practices.


Create Impactful Messages

The COP28 conference in the UAE will require coordinated efforts to ensure accurate and timely communication across various channels, including traditional media, social media platforms, and direct stakeholder engagement.

PR experts will be responsible for crafting key messages that resonate with different audiences, including policymakers, non-government organizations (NGOs), businesses, and the general public. They will need to employ strategic storytelling techniques to engage and inspire individuals to take meaningful action on climate change.

Moreover, PR professionals will play a vital role in managing crisis communication and addressing potential controversies that may arise during the conference.



The upcoming COP28 conference in the UAE represents a milestone in the global fight against climate change. As the host nation, the UAE has a unique opportunity to shape public perception and inspire positive action. Viewed under this perspective, PR practitioners with their expertise in communication and collaboration will play a pivotal role in helping ensure that this will happen.