adopts AI to enhance candidate evaluation process
Posted on 2023 May,05

Listen to the article, the renowned Middle East job search portal, has announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence as a new feature to its groundbreaking video evaluation software, Evalufy. This upgrade enhances the platform's ability to generate interview questions and assess candidates automatically for various job positions and grade them according to their answers.

Evalufy is a cutting-edge AI-powered video assessment tool that helps employers screen, shortlist, and interview candidates quickly and accurately. With the AI Integration the software can now create customized interview questions that are tailored to specific job roles and skill sets, generate accurate and relevant answers to multiple-choice questions, and summarize candidate video answers recordings, ensuring a more accurate evaluation of candidates' abilities.

According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, the average time-to-hire for most employers is around 36 days. This can be time-consuming and overwhelming to set up interviews, whether in-person or online, collect, sort, and analyze interview notes, and assess their fit for the role. That's where Evalufy’s value lies. Evalufy’s aim is to not only solve these pain points but also to go above and beyond in transforming the interviewing process.

"We are excited to introduce AI generated interview questions to Evalufy," said Founder and CEO, Rabea Ataya. "This new feature represents a significant step forward in our efforts to provide employers with the most efficient and effective tools for evaluating job candidates. With the addition of AI technology, we are confident that Evalufy will help employers to save time, reduce costs, and make better hiring decisions."

Evalufy's AI interview questions feature is available to all users in the MENA region.