Duval Union Consulting rebrands as Scopernia
Posted on 2020 Nov,02

Duval Union Consulting, a Dubai-based boutique consulting firm, has announced its rebranding as Scopernia. Against a changing macro backdrop, one which focuses less on profit maximisation and more on purpose, sustainability and inclusiveness, the work of Scopernia, previously Duval Union Consulting, has evolved to follow suit.

A few years ago, it was considered enough to anticipate digital disruptions, an area that Duval Union Consulting excelled in. Times have changed and with it the needs of businesses to grow and succeed. Today it is necessary to not only understand all major social changes in work, housing, mobility, sustainability, healthcare and living but to fully integrate such learnings into business strategy. Companies are realising that a future-proof plan can only be written based on a holistic, cross-sectoral approach, which, through their new entity, the Scopernia team has more than solidified their stance, offering, and direction in the industry.

Working closely with The Chalhoub Group, Scopernia will continue this collaboration to deliver innovative solutions in an ever-changing world. The Chalhoub Group co-created its digital transformation strategy with the Scopernia team (then Duval Union Consulting) back in 2017. Part of this transformation journey included ideation sessions, which lead to over thirty innovative ideas for the Chalhoub Group to pursue. One such prioritized idea to came out of these ideation sessions was a plan to collaborate with external start-ups in order to move the needle much faster. Fast-forward one year, the Chalhoub Greenhouse was born. The experts at Scopernia were involved from ideation to building the business case and eventually the physical launch of the Chalhoub Greenhouse, an initiative that has since gone from strength to strength

The resounding success of this partnership still continues strongly today, and adds to the companies impressive roster of past and current clients including the likes of Unilever, HSBC, UAE government entities, Continental, PepsiCo, Engie, Veolia, Volvo Trucks, BNP Paribas, as well as multiple startups looking to accelerate their growth.

With a team of 10 seasoned industry professionals based in Dubai, UAE, and in Ghent, Belgium, Scopernia recognises and identifies key opportunities whilst having a clear idea on the global state of business and consumer. Managing competitive, economic and industrial threats and downturns is essential for business survival. Supporting clients in future-proofing their offering by developing innovative and transformative strategies based on Scopernia’s unique SUPER-Change model (See, Understand, Plan, Enable, Run), leading teams and businesses to accelerated growth - a key results component of the Scopernia way.

Jeremy Denisty Director & MENA Office Lead at Scopernia said of the rebrand, “We are very excited to enter our new chapter of operations. We recognised the need to create a brand identity that was fully in line with who we are, the work we deliver, and the values we represent. We believe co-creation is a vital component of our formula: we debate, debunk and develop together. At Scopernia, we share one vision, but many ideas. I am proud to be part of a creative and authentic team who come up with unseen methods and solutions to better serve our clients, giving them the unfair advantage they deserve. As we evolve from Duval Union Consulting into Scopernia, we know that even the smallest change of course creates opportunities, impacting the entire ecosystem – all the while even more aware that progress is the real profit.”

Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of Chalhoub Group said “Scopernia has been of great help for us in building our strategy, digital agenda and SHIFT team for transformation. We are not at the end of the journey,
 but we are really happy with the progress we have made.”

Scopernia says being ready for an exciting new era. The name was created based on three important elements to the brand’s core values: ‘scope’, demonstrating the firm’s commitment to investigate matters in order to determine the right project scope; ‘copernicus’, pointing at the 15th century scientist who placed the Sun rather than Earth at the centre of the universe; and ‘nia’, which in Swahili means purpose and in Arabic means goal-oriented.