AUS introduces new scholarship program to attract outstanding students
Posted on 2024 May,08

Starting Fall 2024, American University of Sharjah (AUS) will introduce new undergraduate scholarship schemes to attract and retain academically qualified and talented students from outside and within the UAE.

The university will offer three new scholarship categories: the President’s Scholarship, the Chancellor’s Scholarship and the Outstanding Academic Performance Scholarship.

"Cultivating a community where access to education is not determined by financial means alone is fundamental to our vision of a fair and prosperous future. These new scholarships represent our dedication to breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity within our educational system. By providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to pursue their studies without the burden of financial constraints, we are not only investing in their individual success but also in the collective advancement of our society as a whole. Through education, we empower individuals to realize their potential, contribute meaningfully to their communities and drive innovation and progress forward. These scholarships are not just about financial support; they symbolize our belief in the transformative power of education to shape a better world for generations to come,” said Dr. Tod Laursen, Chancellor of AUS.

The President’s Scholarship, up to 20 per year, is open to applicants from outside the UAE and covers 100 percent of tuition and lab fees and an application fee waiver, offers a monthly stipend for the duration of the scholarship, includes on-campus housing, three round-trip tickets for awardees during their years of study, and student medical insurance.

The Chancellor’s Scholarship, up to 10 awards per year, is open to applicants in the UAE. It includes full coverage of tuition and lab fees, application fee waiver, on-campus housing and student medical insurance.

Both scholarships will be offered for qualifying first-time, first-year students who will begin AUS in the fall semester. The selection process depends heavily on academic excellence and a series of other requirements that showcase students’ achievements.

Currently enrolled undergraduate students can benefit from the new Outstanding Academic Performance Scholarship.

The 10 scholarships available are competitively awarded and will cover 100 percent of tuition and lab fees.

The selection process is based on nominations by AUS’ colleges/school with applications open in the first semester of students’ second year. Successful applicants will need to have earned 60 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 or above by the end of the spring semester of their second year in order to be awarded the scholarship for the fall of their third year.

All three scholarships are renewable for students who continue to maintain the scholarship requirements.

AUS is a leading institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and cultural diversity. AUS offers a range of scholarships to support deserving students in pursuing their higher education goals.

These scholarships cover various academic disciplines and are designed to recognize and reward outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and community involvement.

Whether through granting merit-based scholarships, need-based grants or special scholarships for specific programs, AUS is dedicated to providing opportunities for talented individuals to excel in their chosen fields of study. In the current academic year, approximately two-thirds of AUS students are benefiting from a scholarship or financial grant.


It is worth mentioning that the American University of Sharjah (AUS) has made notable strides and is now positioned among the top 150 universities in Asia in the latest Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Ranking for 2024. This marks a significant advancement from its previous standing among the top 250 universities in Asia last year.

The updated methodology in the Asia University Rankings 2024 reflects recent changes in THE World University Rankings, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of research-intensive universities across five core missions: teaching, research environment, research quality, international outlook and industry. AUS' improved ranking attests to the university's commitment to providing a top-tier educational experience and advancing impactful research.

"As we celebrate this significant achievement, we are proud of the progress we have made in enhancing the reputation and standing of AUS in Asia. Our continued dedication to excellence in education and research has propelled us forward, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a world-class learning environment for our students," said Dr. Tod Laursen, Chancellor of AUS. 

The new ranking comes as AUS continues to strategically invest in faculty development, foster a culture of research excellence, enhance student support services and develop impactful international collaborations. These initiatives have elevated the quality of education and research at AUS and contributed significantly to its growing reputation as a leading institution of higher learning in the region.