AdForum's PHNX Awards 2023 introduce a Grand Prix for Peace
Posted on 2023 Jan,11

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This year’s AdForum PHNX Awards are open for entries – with their usual diverse jury and a compelling new theme: peace.

In 2020, deep in the heart of lockdown, AdForum launched the PHNX Awards. Not so much a competition as a celebration of the resilience of creativity. It was a way of supporting the advertising industry and proving that nothing can keep creativity down. Awards that would allow everyone to judge – not just creatives, but planners, executives, clients, PRs, marketers, consultants… In fact everyone who makes up this vibrant industry. Last year almost 1000 creative, brand exec, journalists and consultants judged work from all over the planet. 

Now in their fourth year, the PHNX Awards have taken flight once more. Entries are open until April 1, with the shortlist published on April 17. An online celebration will take place on May 16.

Once again, the competition is initially free to enter. There will be a fee of 180 euros for shortlisted entries only.

The PHNX has always been about friendship and harmony. But this year it’s also about something else: PEACE. Something we all crave, but which seems elusive right now.

So this year’s competition will feature a new prize: The PHNX Grand Prix for Peace

Creativity for Peace will include campaigns against hate. Campaigns against prejudice. Campaigns against war… All of these will be considered for the prize. Of course, the most inspiring work in traditional categories will also be rewarded.

Last year almost 1000 creatives, marketers, journalists and consultants judged work from all over the planet. This year’s jury promises to be equally spectacular.

The PHNX Awards are looking for jurors and entrants. Join the celebration and as someone once said, give peace a chance.