Alaraby now on Arab ground
Posted on 2022 Sep,04

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Alaraby Television began broadcasting from its new headquarters in Lusail City in Qatar. This move comes alongside full-scale enhancements to the visual display and interconnectivity of newscasts.

The new studios are equipped with the latest technology systems to meet the expectations of Arab viewers of the channel that first launched in London in 2015 to express the aspirations of the Arab public through high-quality, professional journalism. The TV network has a broad range of programme content, varying from news to entertainment.

Under the slogan "Alaraby on Arab Ground", Alaraby TV reconfirmed the principles it abides by, presenting professional and reliable news coverage and programs and adhering to the highest standards of ethics, objectivity, and accuracy, all while emphasizing its commitment towards the Arab public and their causes.

By moving to Lusail, Qatar, Alaraby TV will be closer to the Arab public and able to cover the Arab region and report on its most pressing issues and current affairs.

Alaraby TV's new studios in Lusail benefit from the latest in broadcast technology, in addition to adopting a modern and bold approach in the visual and editorial identity of the newscast content.