CRESTA 2022 launches with call for greater recognition of the power of creativity
Posted on 2022 Feb,22

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The influential and fast-growing Cresta Awards has launched its 2022 call for entries with an impassioned plea to empower creativity. 

It has also reached out to the creative and marketing community to engage and help develop the range of creativity the award recognises.

The competition has added several new categories, as it pushes out is commitment to exploring the commercial, cultural and social value of work done in the creative industry.

Creative strategy, mental health, the ‘metaverse’ and ideas around NFTs, along with fresh craft areas, are among subjects that feature in the extended categories.

“We responded to entrant needs, and to what we have seen happening more widely,” says Cresta President Alan Page. “This is a remarkable, if strange, time where we see new kinds of work and new skills to celebrate, emerging out of all the challenges of the past two years.”

The Cresta leadership emphasised that the competition would be looking to achieve more profile for its winners than ever before. “Our commitment is to work with winners all year round to get the value of their work better understood,” said Lewis Blackwell, CEO. “We have new ideas and tools for how we can work with our participants to get the work appreciated more widely.

“We see it as the overall objective of Cresta to help drive for greater recognition of the power of creativity.”

Although it has been running for over 35 years, Cresta had a record-breaking year in 2021 and awarded more Grand Prix than at any time in its history. Since then the company behind Cresta, Creative Standards International, has extended its influence with the acquisition of the world-leading creative magazine Lürzer’s Archive.

“We know the value of creative awards and also the power of media,” Page went on to say. “Both Lewis and I have won our fair share of honours over the years, and have also worked across several disciplines and media, traditional and digital. We are committed to giving creatives the recognition their best work deserves and championing their ability to build not just brands but a better, fairer society.”

Featuring a Cresta-winning film from Stonefire TV and a quote from 2021 Jury President, Merlee Jayme, CCO of Dentsu International APAC, the launch reflects Cresta’s belief that creativity’s potential impact on society, and its role in strengthening global culture, should not be underestimated.