Chalhoub Group recognized as a Great Place To Work in five countries
Posted on 2022 Feb,19

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Chalhoub Group, a luxury retail company in the Middle East, has been officially certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’ in five countries: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar.

Having previously been recognized by Great Place to Work in the UAE since 2019 and in Saudi Arabia and Qatar since 2020, the Group has now additionally been acknowledged in Kuwait and Bahrain by the prestigious ranking, bringing the total to five certifications.  

Great Place to Work is a global research and management consultancy that recognizes the best workplaces in over 50 countries worldwide by gathering data using the Great Place to Work Trust Model. The model serves as the lens to assess the employee experience of workplaces around the globe and is the foundation of the Trust Index Employee Survey. Its Trust Model© consists of five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Great Place To Work also conducts a Culture Audit© to assess an organisation’s people practices.

By putting its people at the heart of its organization and implementing forward-thinking HR initiatives, Chalhoub Group has built an employee culture that connects people and inspires a sense of belonging by holding wellbeing and safety at the highest standards. Being more than a badge, the certification symbolises consistent and daily practices put in place to ensure an exceptional and responsible workplace. The Chalhoub Group strongly believes in servant leadership qualities and leading with empathy at heart, both of which are deeply embedded in the Group’s values.

An underpinning factor to the Group’s success includes the Group’s transition to a hybrid workplace. As part of its culture, the Group empowers its people to take ownership of their careers, ideas, and their work through flexible work arrangements. Elevating its hybrid model further, Chalhoub Group has introduced ‘working from abroad’ policies for a month annually, leveraging on the idea that being flexible in where, when and how people work provides tools to be productive and builds on foundations of trust, respect and organizational performance. Helming more than 105 different nationalities within its workforce, the policy allowed close to 270 people to work from their home country, or any other country of choice, in 2021.

To better adapt to the needs of people in this hybrid working environment, the Group has also accelerated its digital HR transformation. A ‘Smart People Data’ strategy was implemented to expedite the adoption of automation for integration and enhancement of a hybrid employee experience. Adding to that, the Group leveraged technology to improve HR functions including hiring, training, onboarding, performance and much more, to ensure the further development of its employees.

Wassim Eid, President People and Culture at Chalhoub Group, commented: “This badge is a mere reflection of our commitment to building a better employee experience every day. It validates our great culture and supports us to retain as well as attract new talent. A truly human-first culture defines and drives us forward, and that is what makes Chalhoub Group a Great Place To Work.”