Cruising for a Cause: MCN and McCann Health Rev Up Prostate Cancer Awareness in Dubai
Posted on 2023 Nov,07

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MCN, Middle East Communications Network, and McCann Health MENAT marked 'Movember' by hosting their second annual Prostate Cancer awareness ride in collaboration with the local 'Enigmas' Motorcycle Club.

A convoy of more than 70 riders, accompanied by friends and family, traversed over 100 miles across Dubai and its surroundings, aiming to shed light on the importance of early prostate cancer screenings for men. It goes with no saying that the convoy gathered amazed and curious people around.

Men’s health is frequently overlooked in the UAE, with alarmingly low rates of proactive prostate cancer screenings.

MCN and McCann Health have embarked on a mission to amplify awareness, champion early testing, catalyze concrete action, and dismantle the reluctance among men to openly discuss their health concerns.

Kicking off the journey from Enigmas MC Petrol Station, the riders swiftly garnered the attention of fellow bikers, Dubai's residents, tourists, pedestrians, and motorists. The city's streets reverberated with enthusiastic cheers, blaring car horns, and a pervasive wave of positivity, highlighting a clear message: “it takes balls to get tested. “

MCN and McCann Health strategically partnered with The Enigmas, celebrated for their no-nonsense attitude and ‘tough-guy’ reputation, to combat the stigma around men’s health. This approach underscores that if these 'tough guys' can take the initiative to get tested, then other men should also be inspired and empowered to do the same.

Following the successful ride, the bikers, their friends, and families convened for a group breakfast in Motor City. Over steaming cups of coffee and hearty breakfasts, they engaged in conversations vital to men's health. The discussions centered around the critical significance of regular screenings for early detection, and the pivotal role it plays in enhancing treatment outcomes.