D&AD stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine
Posted on 2022 Mar,01

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In light of the tragic events currently taking place in Ukraine, D&AD has released an official statement demonstrating its support and solidarity towards the people of the European country, believing in the sovereignty of the nation, the values of democracy and the right of its citizens to live in peace and safety.

As a charity serving the creative industries, the organisation's remit is confined to supporting the creative community. Therefore, in order to do what it can to support the creative industries in Ukraine, D&AD has announced that all money received by Ukrainian companies for entries into D&AD Awards 2022 will be refunded back to the entrants. These entries received to date as well as any further work received from Ukranian companies will remain in the competition free of charge.

Russian entries into D&AD Awards 2022 will be paid as a donation to the Art Director's Club of Ukraine for them to implement as they feel will be best utilised locally.

“By no means do we believe this to be a comprehensive solution, but it is an immediate action that we can take to begin to provide some support to our colleagues and community in Ukraine,” reads the press statement.

As there are many resources and initiatives in place to help the Ukrainian people through this horrific crisis, D&AD uses also its platform to draw attention to some of the real ways people can help Ukraine right now. 

“Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people who are suffering, and we hope that through the global community's joint efforts we will be able to help them through this crisis and support them to recover from this unjust and unthinkable devastation and destruction,” the statement concludes.