DMS’ media partner ZEE5 Global celebrates South Asia in its new global campaign
Posted on 2021 Aug,15

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Digital Media Services (DMS) – the digital arm of Choueiri Group - recently shared that its media partner ZEE5 Global, the world’s largest streaming platform for South Asian content – has launched its global brand campaign “Welcome to South Asia: Stories from our world” capturing the endlessly intriguing reality conundrum that is South Asia.

The campaign gives a 360-degree ringside view into how South Asia’s 5000 year old legacy of history, language, stories, wars, travels and more collides with new progress narratives, building out amazing realities that lock in inspiring and unlikely heroes. With a new twist in the already vivid reality around every corner, the campaign spotlights stories from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where even the ordinary looks extraordinary, therefore leading to the narrative “if this is our reality, imagine our stories.”




“Welcome to South Asia: Stories from our world” is ZEE5’s promise to represent South Asia’s unimaginably cool realities and stories far distinguished from the mundane. Evoking an array of emotions through lived, handed down and multi-generational stories, the campaign focuses on how, to the outside eye, even the ordinary looks extraordinary here, and invites viewers across the globe to experience this world through the bold, extraordinary stories on ZEE5.

Targeting South Asians across the globe, the campaign takes the most visually thrilling route, with the video capturing the landscapes, culture and traditions, and the music and romance that make up our daily lives in the region, while giving viewers a close-up view into the incredible lives and stories of their homelands.

The 70 second campaign video was ideated/visualised by WYPWorldwide and touches upon the extraordinary South Asian-themed stories woven together onto a single platform, ZEE5, that, as the largest platform for South Asian content, uniquely represents and redefines the narrative of South Asia for its viewers across the globe.