Deliveroo goes on a social experiment to trigger community support
Posted on 2024 Mar,19

Deliveroo, the popular delivery service app, took City Walk Dubai visitors by surprise with an interactive social experiment titled ‘The Unmissable 50 Fils’.

In collaboration with TBWA\RAAD, this experiment was designed to showcase the significant impact of nominal donations and encourage the community to support its ongoing ‘Full Life’ campaign to tackle food insecurity. 

The tech-infused social experiment unfolded with an impressive hologram that got the attention of individuals passing through City Walk.

Upon interacting with the hologram, passersby noticed a 50 fils coin, which prompted them to either keep it or donate it. As the audience engaged with the installation, a demonstration showcasing the usage of Deliveroo’s round-up feature was presented, raising awareness of the simplicity and ease involved in contributing to communities in need.

Deliveroo’s in-app roundup feature allows customers to conveniently round up their orders or select an amount of their choice to donate at checkout.

In 2023, Deliveroo customers donated over AED 1 million via the round-up feature, and all donations go to Emirates Red Crescent, to support communities in need across the UAE. 

Deliveroo’s latest social experiment was executed with the aim to amplify awareness around the feature and highlight how even the smallest contributions can make a significant impact to tackling food insecurity. 

Taghrid Oraibi, Head of Communications at Deliveroo Middle East said, "Through this social experiment, our goal was to captivate individuals' attention, conveying the impactful message of how a small contribution as little as 50 fils can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. We are humbled by the significant donations of over AED 1 million through the round-up feature since 2023, and hope to continue supporting communities in need and tackling food insecurities.”

Deliveroo’s Full Life campaign is a pillar of the aggregator’s global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy and was first launched in the UAE in 2022 to tackle food insecurity.



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