Director Camille Marotte joins Great Guns for representation in the Middle East, USA and UK
Posted on 2022 Mar,10

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Award-winning director and photographer Camille Marotte has joined International production company Great Guns’ roster for representation in the USA, UK, and the Middle East.

After graduating from the E-Art Institute in Paris, Camille began working as a director and photographer for an array of prestigious clients including Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Calvin Klein. 

As a freelance international director, he also collaborated with renowned production companies in Europe, the USA, and Asia, such as Iconoclast, The Sweetshop, and GrandLarge, specialising in TV commercials, photography, and motion design.

Combining stunning visuals with technological mastery, Camille showcases a versatile approach while maintaining his distinctive style. From BMW’s dramatic ‘Prime Impulse’, to Harper’s Bazaar’s edgy yet graceful ‘Vaporized’, to Maybelline’s delicately ethereal ‘Dream’, Camille’s ability to elevate his work to the level of the cinematic is clear throughout. Paired with a meticulous eye for lights, colour, and photography, Camille consistently achieves a polished, premium look which has earned him various Vimeo Staff Picks and awards.

Camille Marotte comments: “I was drawn to Great Guns roster selection and the synergy between the UK and US offices, two territories where I really want stronger representation. I’m excited to build a presence in the USA market and Oliver Fuselier’s realistic take on what it takes to make it in the USA was informative and constructive - he certainly didn’t pull any punches! I’m looking forward to the energy on both sides of the pond: Oliver’s a dynamo, plus the extra charm of Laura herself!”

Oliver Fuselier, MD and EP of Great Guns USA, adds: “When I first saw Camille’s work, I felt like I was watching a movie. He combines visual cinematic imagery that adds to the characters with a richness in his film that feels fresh and current - all the while staying in a very relevant commercial space. His work allows the viewer to escape for 30 secs and fully experience whatever story he is telling and selling. We are so pleased to add Camille’s talent to our roster.”

Laura Gregory, CEO and Founder of Great Guns Global, says: “Twisted beauty meets alloy wheels, I love Camille’s body of work -  he’s minting his own style like an NFT on acid.”