Emile Rafael joins electriclime°
Posted on 2023 Aug,07

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electriclime°’s director roster has a new name, as the production company has recently signed in talented filmmaker Emile Rafael.

The Prague-raised director and artist will be represented exclusively in the MENA and APAC regions.

Having trained as a cinematographer, Emile made the move to directing by creating dynamic videos for the likes of Katy B, X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons and Stubborn Heart.

In the commercial space, Emile has worked for clients such as Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Xiaomi and Skoda, along with many more.

“I feel like I have only scratched the surface of electriclime°'s part of the world and landscape, and I believe it will provide me with a lot of inspiration. I am ready to dive in,” Emile said.

“I believe that the best films and commercials leave you with a lasting impression long after you have finished watching them.

“This is what makes the best, most memorable pieces you have seen or that have even somehow changed your worldview. If I sense that there is an opportunity to do that, I am very open-minded to what that project is.”

As well as filmmaking, Emile is a talented musician while his paintings and art have been featured in a number of exhibitions in London galleries.

“To be honest, I draw more inspiration from the art world than from other films,” Emile added.

“I believe that those influences from moving pictures will inevitably seep in, but it is fascinating to look at other mediums to see how they achieve certain things and give you a feeling, and then try to bring that into the film world.”