Empyre Communications Wins BOLT
Posted on 2021 Mar,01

Empyre Communications, Dubai's creative boutique PR & Communications agency that oversees a rich portfolio of clients from F&B, hospitality, lifestyle, and tech has recently added another win to its Social Media portfolio, BOLT.

BOLT is the latest concept in providing the knowledge & skills that allows the right support to the right startups for maximum impact. Its expertise is especially relevant to startups and accelerators in the MENA region, leveraging a tested and holistic framework based on the four key pillars of the BOLT identity which are, Business Model, Operation Model, Learn & Grow, and Target Audience. BOLT works with startups and established companies from private to public or government sectors to ensure that they offer the best possible support in innovation and differentiation.

Stephanie Farah, CEO & Founder of Empyre Communications, said: “We are honored to be considered as the 'go-to agency' when it comes to launching new and exciting concepts. We feel grateful to officially introduce BOLT to Dubai's innovators & forward-thinking entrepreneurs and eager to be right beside BOLT in developing new concepts in the Middle East."