Filmmaker Sam Templeton joins electriclime°
Posted on 2023 Dec,06

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Boutique production company electriclime° adds New Zealand filmmaker Sam Templeton to its director roster for representation in APAC and MENA on a freelance basis.

With a background in fine arts, Sam is a self-taught filmmaker who also has experience in visual and special effects work throughout feature films produced in his home country.

Having then spent several years in Berlin, Germany, Sam has built a portfolio of stunning work, for brands including Adidas, Nike, The North Face and many more.

With his emotionally and engaging storytelling style, Sam has continued to push the boundaries of his commercial work and create dynamic pieces for his clients.

Sam said: “I’m excited to dip my toes into some new markets and electriclime° has great coverage within their team. Also looking forward to working with some new faces - from what I’ve seen so far they’re good sorts and we like good sorts.

“They’ve produced some beautiful work around the world so I’m hoping we can add to that together soon.

“I believe my style as a filmmaker is humanistic, dynamic and emotive. As far as the process is concerned - inclusive, collaborative, positive and always looking to push for new ideas and new results.

“To me it’s the little things in life that make a film so believable on screen - the emotions, the nuances, the idiosyncratic behaviours.

“On top of that it’s always amazing to see where other directors, DOPs, editors etc are pushing their work.

“Nothing inspires you more than seeing something incredible you haven’t seen before.”