Filmmaking duo Roos Brothers join electriclime°
Posted on 2023 Jul,25

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electriclime°, the renowned boutique film production company, has added talented filmmaking duo Roos Brothers to its director roster.

The US-based pair, Josh and Logan Roos, will be represented exclusively in the Middle East and Asia, and on a freelance basis in Australia.

With clients such as Dodge, BMW, Nike and Adidas, the brothers have a distinct storytelling ability in the world of automotive, action sports, real people stories and beyond.

Recently they have also shot acclaimed actor Oscar Isaac and rock legend Lenny Kravitz on projects for Polestar and Cadillac, respectively.

Josh said: “We’re excited to grow more into the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, some of the most memorable shoots we’ve done in the recent years have been abroad and give us new found inspiration.

“electriclime° has been producing compelling work in those parts for a while now, so we’re eager to see what magic we can conjure together.”

As a director duo, their shared vision and creative synergy has given them the opportunity to create collaborative stories, which have shown their strengths.

“I find it a natural partnership and easy-flowing, there’s no filter since ‘it’s family’,” Josh continued. “We both have similar tastes and complementary skill sets —  the sibling telepathy is a bonus.”

Logan added: “It’s two minds working together so you always have a counterpart to riff off of or give a gut-check. We also can divide and conquer on set, splitting up to capture more, sometimes I’ll hop behind the camera and DoP and direct a second unit. Who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal?”

electriclime° has been on a spree hiring lately, signing new talents and prestigious filmmaker names hence building a solid and top-class director roster.