Gerety Awards 2020 Shortlist Revealed
Posted on 2020 Sep,21

Lucia Ongay, Gerety Co-Founder says, “With just 147 entries making this year's shortlist the Gerety jury has clearly set the highest benchmark, and the subsequent winners will continue to redefine the standard to which advertising is held”

Well known campaigns like Moldy Whopper, The Punishing Signal and Lacoste’s Crocodile Inside all feature on the 2020 shortlist. Along with works from the UK for Britain Get Talking and Don't Die Till That Day from Thailand.

Unique in its judging sessions held around the world, more than 150 women-only judges from 10 different countries have created this much anticipated and prestigious short-list. Due to travel restrictions this year's judging took place virtually. Locations included Melbourne, Bangkok, Istanbul, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, Berlin, London Madrid, Johannesburg and New York.

“It’s been refreshing to gather with other female creatives and discuss creativity, work, ideas - not gender issues. There aren’t so many spaces that foster such conversations amongst adwomen so I am thankful to the Gerety Awards for creating a global one, and wish it a long life,” noted Emma Pueyo, Creative Strategist, Emma de Barcelona, Spain.

“Excellent calibre of work, judged by an equally excellent calibre of creatives. Just wish we could have been in a room instead of a Zoom,” said Emma Robbins, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi, Australia.

“Gerety is a relatively new award on the scene. But if you think that means it's an easy one to win, you'd be sorely mistaken. The standard of the work is just as high as the world's longest standing show, which means competition is fierce. Add to that the fact that your judges are especially tuned in to stereotypes and cliches that may fly under the radar at other juries, and you've got yourself one tough feat,” commented Stefanie DiGianvincenzo, Creative Strategist, Facebook, Australia.

Winners will be determined based on scores achieved across the board, regardless of the product advertised or medium submitted. This ensures that only the very best work is awarded by the Gerety jury of agency and brand leaders, as well as showing clients and interested parties that the winning entries resonate with the world’s most powerful consumers.

Last but not least, Lize Karaboga, Managing Partner, Ultra, Turkey asserted: “It was very refreshing.The more meaningful and/or brave steps a brand takes, the more it resonates with me. It is simply not enough to be commercially successful anymore. Not today, not in this phase of our history. In my opinion it is not only enough to make meaningful connections with target audiences either. Powerful brands/strong companies should put their resources to build meaning into commerce. I believe that Gerety can really become a true agent of change and help our industry in evolving towards it’s better self...”