Global coaching organisation Vistage launches founding group in the UAE
Posted on 2022 Sep,01

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The world’s largest peer-advisory group, Vistage, has launched its founding group in the UAE, following the group’s successful debut in the region earlier this year.

Vistage is known as a global leading CEO coaching organisation with a network of 27,000 leaders, CEOs and business owners across more than 24 countries. Since 1957, it has been bringing together high-integrity executives and business owners into private advisory groups. Each group is purpose-built to help members support each other, improve performance and outcomes of their businesses.

““It’s lonely at the top” is something I often hear from business leaders. There is a permanent need for leaders and business owners to meet like-minded peers and explore new ideas, learn from similar experiences and make better decisions,” said Nathan Farrugia, Managing Director of Vistage International UAE.

After a series of discovery sessions showcasing the value of peer-advisory groups for CEOs and business owners over the past months, Vistage has launched its founding group in the Gulf with an inaugural meeting in August.

12 CEOs make up the founding group from a range of industries including technology, hospitality, media, FMCG, e-commerce, manufacturing and education. Every month these leaders meet to share experiences, learn from each other, challenge their thinking and work on their business strategies.

“Covid taught us in many ways that the world is flat. Global shortages affected us almost in every way and with borders closing, perhaps the most felt was the brain drain with talent and human resource scarcity.”

“We are navigating uncharted territory with many uncertainties. There will no doubt be many lessons to learn and opportunities to uncover along the way. If there’s a time to expand your network globally and tap into knowledge from businesses around the world, it is now”, said Farrugia.

According to internal research, their members grow on average 2.2 times their industry rate, thrive in volatile situations and grow sustainable businesses that are recognised by Fortune as well as their industry peers.

External high-level speakers are flown in by Vistage to provide thought leadership and new insights to the business leaders, who are also supported by qualified executive coaches and a members care team. 

Members have ongoing access to the business leaders around the world: interacting, exchanging ideas and networking with their peers globally. These relationships open opportunities for business growth supply chain and diversification, and many members make use of the value this network brings to them and their business.

Vistage is now recruiting members to fill subsequent groups in Dubai and will be expanding to other areas within the UAE over the coming months.

With experts from sectors as diverse as retail and construction, finance and marketing, the Vistage network is growing rapidly with members benefiting from the likes of knowledge sharing to accessing key government policy resources.