Hypermedia launches Z Gallery, a premium OOH art experience
Posted on 2022 Sep,11

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Hypermedia launches its latest Out-Of-Home media concept on Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR). Labelled the “Z Gallery – Art of Media”, the network, which is composed of more than 550 digital and static assets, has been artistically designed to empower brands with a premium media “Art Experience”.

When Hypermedia joined the vision of Dubai’s evolution of Sheikh Zayed Road in 2001, its mission was to build a world-class Out-Of-Home (OOH) media infrastructure across the city’s road to the future: upscale, modern, and unique--three main criteria that Hypermedia adapted in the launching of its latest media collection, the “Z Gallery – The Art of Media”, a state-of the-art media ecosystem in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the world, transforming Dubai’s highway, the SZR that connects the seven emirates, into a 558.4-kilometer-long stretch of a one-of-kind OOH media art exhibition.

“Our media assets are more than just screens and advertising platforms. We are turning them into an ultimate art experience and have dealt with every asset as an artwork by itself”, said Hypermedia’s Managing Director Gerard Rustom.

Most art galleries show exhibits from the past or the present, so what exactly is “Z Gallery”?

It is a new concept designed to present brands as artworks and masterpieces, across a wide variety of art displays, spread in different locations and sizes.

“Over 20 years, Hypermedia has built its gallery employing an assortment of designs and architecture in outstretched locations to make the most impactful media art exposure for brands”, Rustom added.

“We believe that advertising campaigns is a form of art, and we want to provide the most artistic displays for our clients and partners”, he said. “It is the ultimate opportunity for businesses to create impact on the move and connect with their audiences across a collection of artistic displays spread across Z Gallery”.

Empowered by data measurement and audience analytics, Z Gallery brings Hypermedia’s strategic locations and prestigious landmarks into play, creating a unique media positioning in the heart of the city, and an unprecedented DOOH/OOH experience transforming the world’s most luxurious business destination, the Sheikh Zayed Road, into a majestic Art Gallery for media.