Ipsos Recognized as the Most Innovative Market Research Company for the Third Year
Posted on 2021 Sep,14

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Ipsos, the renowned research company in the Middle East and North Africa has announced it has retained the rank of #1 Most Innovative Market Research Company by Greenbook’s GRIT report for the third consecutive year.

The GRIT report looks at the big picture of the insights industry and includes a yearly 'Top 50 Most Innovative Supplier' list showing which suppliers in the industry that are perceived as most innovative. 

According to the report, for the third year in a row Ipsos is considered the most innovative company in the world by GRIT respondents. Ipsos continues to be recognized for its efforts to embrace new business models and launch new products to edge out the competition. 

“We see signs that Ipsos may very well retain this leadership rank based on how their large competitors are now positioning themselves in the market. [...] In addition, Ipsos has been steadily rolling out a suite of technology-driven products to compete with many emerging tech players, further cementing their brand awareness as it relates to being considered innovative,” the report mentioned. 

“In MENA, similarly to across the globe, we continue to innovate through our technologies and partnerships. We saw the opportunity early on and set the bar high when it comes to the digital realm and artificial intelligence. We are happy to be our clients’ preferred research partners,” commented Edouard Monin, CEO of Ipsos in MENA.