Lamborghini's 60th anniversary celebrated in Saudi Arabia
Posted on 2023 Apr,01

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Automobili Lamborghini have begun hosting a series of exclusive events across the world to commemorate Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary. 

As part of the celebrations in Saudi Arabia, Lamborghini Riyadh invited guests from all over Saudi Arabia for an exclusive Lamborghini Bull Run in the capital. The event showcased the power and performance of the brand’s iconic cars, and guests had the opportunity to experience a thrilling drive around the city. The evening culminated in a spectacular gala dinner hosted by Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann.

In honour of the 60th anniversary, Lamborghini commissioned a local artist Nugamshi to create a unique art piece on the bonnet of a Lamborghini Urus. The design incorporated Arabic calligraphy, beautifully illustrating the fusion of Italian design and Arabic culture. The artwork was unveiled at the gala dinner, and will be on display at Lamborghini's showroom.

Commenting on the event, Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, said, "We are happy to celebrate Lamborghini's 60th anniversary in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East region, a country with a rich history and passion for luxury and high-performance vehicles. This event is a proof of Lamborghini's commitment to innovation, design, quality and performance, and we are excited to share this special moment with our customers and guests in this region."

"It’s such a fantastic time to be part of the Lamborghini story. For the brand to reach this milestone anniversary is a wonderful achievement, and we look forward to continuing this legacy for many years to come," said Abdul Aziz Moolla, General Manager of Lamborghini Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh event was attended by Lamborghini Saudi Arabia’s VIP guests and customers, who had the opportunity to explore the various Lamborghini display cars and get a glimpse into the world of the Italian brand.

The 60th-anniversary celebration in Saudi Arabia is just one of the many events that Lamborghini has planned this year to mark the special occasion. 

Now into its seventh decade, the company will continue to push the boundaries of automotive excellence and offer its customers the best in luxury, design, and performance.