London International Awards 2022 opens for entries
Posted on 2022 Apr,19

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London International Awards (LIA) entry system is now open and early bird entries will receive a 25% discount off the standard entry fees. This offer will expire on 16th June 2022.

“We are offering this discount as a way to further support the industry. We have always encouraged a diversity of ideas from around the world and this is a way we can encourage representation from every corner of the globe allowing all types of companies, big and small the opportunity to enter. Through this discount, we know that more work will get greater visibility,” said Barbara Levy, President of LIA.

All work submitted must be broadcast, published or released with client approval between 1st July 2021 and 31st August 2022.

This year, LIA is introducing two new competitions – Creativity In The Metaverse and Creativity In PR.

With its hand constantly on the pulse of the industry, LIA is the first Awards Show to shine a light on creativity in the metaverse. As the physical and digital worlds collide, brands are now moving into a space that is becoming increasingly important. This new competition will celebrate how brands and businesses create opportunities in the digital world of Web 3.0. These would include real time brands or customer experiences and interactions, or the creation of new pathways for commerce with real results and the creation of new communities.

Barbara Levy commented: “We are very excited to see work that creates new infrastructure in the metaverse. We are not talking about one-off campaigns, but where there is lasting interaction between consumers and brands or companies. Putting our ear to the ground, we know that all industries from FMCGs, CPGs, fashion, sports, automotive, health and pharma, tech, entertainment, leisure arts, media and even finance are putting creative muscle behind work in the metaverse. It is no longer exclusive to the gaming industry.”

Creativity in PR has also become increasingly important. It has been used by so many brands to influence opinions positively, build and even repair reputations as well as establish good will for brands and companies.

“Over the years, we have seen how PR has evolved. We know that at the heart of every successful PR idea is great storytelling and audience insight based on reading situations and responding appropriately. This new competition will celebrate brands and companies that through great PR ideas have effectively expressed human truths that have touched the audience emotionally.”

LIA accepts entries from creative companies, brands and anyone who has collaborated in the creative process.

Each Jury has the discretion to award a Grand LIA, although it is not mandatory. A Grand LIA can only be awarded to a piece of work that has achieved at least one Gold statue in its category.

Additionally, in the sub-category of Public Service/Social Responsibility, Gold winners across all competitions, except Health & Wellness and Pharma & Medical, will be judged against each other by the Integration Jury for a potential Public Service/Social Responsibility Grand LIA.

2022 sees the introduction of a Health & Wellness Public Service/Social Responsibility Grand LIA and a Pharma & Medical Social Responsibility/ Awareness Grand LIA.

Both of these potential Grand LIAs will be judged by their respective juries, from the Gold winners within those sub-categories.

Judging in Las Vegas commences on 29th September and will be completed on 7th October 2022. Winners and Finalists will be announced on 8th November 2022.