MBC Media Solutions provides new brand integration opportunities through MBC 4’s Beauty Match
Posted on 2021 May,04

MBC Media Solutions (MMS) and Lebs.com, a luxury online fashion shopping website, concluded a successful partnership aimed at leveraging the high viewership and engagement of “Beauty Match”.

‘Beauty Match’, which airs on MBC 4, is a first of its kind fashion show that merges the digital world of fashionistas with the world of TV.

The show sees social media fashion influencers from the MENA region, compete with one another for the title ‘Fashion Influencer of the Week’.

To win, the influencers must style contestants looking to elevate their fashion sense. Those chosen to have styled the best looks by the contestants and who have also accumulated the most points from the show’s judge, celebrity influencer Joelle Mardinian will ultimately win the sought-out title.

High viewership and audience engagement

Beauty Match, which has recently concluded its second season with 60 episodes and the participation of 32 nano influencers from the MENA region, has proven to be a success—not only in terms of viewership but also in terms of a multi-platform return on investment for sponsoring brands.

In fact, analytics shared by MMS revealed that Beauty Match uplifted the MBC4 7pm slot by 300%.

It was also the 2nd most watched show at MBC4 19:00 KSA on weekdays with 7.3 million individuals in KSA watching at least one episode of Beauty Match in season two.

The show also ranked as the 5th most watched show on MBC’s video on demand platform, Shahid from December to February and had huge success on social media with over 90 million views recorded during the show’s first season.

Return on investment for sponsoring brands

This high viewership and audience engagement resulted in great brand exposure and return on investment for Lebs.com, the luxury online fashion website, which sponsored season two of Beauty Match.

Lebs.com successfully generated brand awareness and interest, driving the numbers to their site via swipe ups and recording a significant increase in sales, which was generated single handedly via Beauty Match’s social media platforms. TV drove awareness and visibility for the brand whereas the show’s social channels channeled traffic via swipe ups and ‘Shop the Look’ features 

Commenting on this successful partnership, Abdul Majid Al-Qurashi, CEO of Lebs.com, said that the fashion focus of the show made it the ideal platform for Lebs.com to reach fashion forward and trend conscious audiences.

“Working hand-in-hand with MMS allowed us to leverage the high viewership and audience engagement of Beauty Match in a unique way, as the show provided us with a valuable opportunity to showcase how our products can be styled and worn, to millions of viewers across the MENA region. This generated great interest, which is evident in the high social media engagement and website traffic we’ve received as a result of this partnership.

Al-Qurashi added that the brand integration of Leb.com proved to be highly effective.

“The seamless brand integration of Lebs.com had a great impact in grabbing consumer’s attention in an organic way, capturing their attention without distracting them from the entertainment and hence better resonating with them. This helped us achieve our goals of raising interest and awareness about our brand in an effective way,” said Al-Qurashi.

Ahmed Al Sahhaf, CEO of MMS said that the commercial and brand integration teams at MMS have leveraged the unique brand integration opportunities that ‘Beauty Match’ presents to clients, especially those who are in the field of fashion.

“A show like Beauty Match breaks the myth that TV only drives upper funnel marketing objectives. If you look at the numbers, the show has delivered across multiple platforms. While TV gave the brand a huge uplift on awareness and brand perception, the digital channels ensured that this translated to ROI for the client,” said Al Sahhaf.

He added this has presented MMS with a blank canvas to create brand integration opportunities that are perfect for makeup and fashion brands amongst others.

“In season two, we worked with Lebs.com and we saw substantial results that exceeded our expectations, helping Lebs.com reach their targeted audience and achieve their marketing and revenue goals. We hope to do the same for our future clients in the next season”, said Al Sahhaf.

Al Sahhaf concluded by stressing that MMS will continue to innovate in providing media solutions that provide clients with data-driven business services through transparent and collaborative partnerships that drive collective growth.