McDonald’s introduces streetwear collection in collaboration with British skate brand PALACE
Posted on 2023 Aug,18  | By ArabAd's staff

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McDonald’s unveiled a limited edition branded clothing in collaboration with British skate brand PALACE, as part of its new “As Featured In” campaign.

This campaign introduces meals with packaging that list all the diverse movies, games and shows the fast-food brand has been featured in, from The Office and Coming To America to Seinfeld, Space Jam, Loki, and more. 

Diners who purchase the meal will receive a code on the packaging that they can scan which will bring them to to the PALACE website where they can buy the limited edition McDonald’s branded merch.

The Palace McDonald’s line comes in a palette of red, black, and white, while the instantly recognizable golden arches logo takes center stage on the hoodies.

The t-shirts sport co-branded designs with messages like “100% I’ve never had a bad McDonald’s” and “Honesty is the best policy, unless talking about how many times I’ve had McDonald’s this week, then I’m going to have to lie.”

The collaborative 15-piece capsule collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, and skateboards.