MeMob+ adds data stream on new mothers to its management and activation platform
Posted on 2020 Nov,26

MeMob+, the marketing technology company specializing in data mining, management and activation owned by Akama Holding, has secured a valuable new data stream. It will allow MeMob+ to exclusively access, refine and activate first party data for new mothers in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt. ‘New Mums’ is the latest ‘persona’ or target audience that MeMob+ offers to regional and global advertisers, one for which there has always been a sustained demand.

There currently are more than half a million records in this data set and some 20,000 new ones are being added every month, recording new deliveries in both public and private hospitals. The MENA region experienced the highest rate of population growth of any region in the world over the past century and its population is expected to almost double by 2050.

Updated weekly, this data provides the highest level of precision about the age of infants, allowing brands to promote the most suitable products to their mothers. This is valuable information that will help marketers allocate their marketing budgets most efficiently. MeMob+ uses the data in accordance with GDPR principles. It is gathered with the mothers’ consent by a supplier operating with a licence from each country’s health ministries and hospitals.

Millenial mothers are different from their predecessors. Hyper-connected, they sharpen their parenting skills virtually and inform their purchasing decisions online. Brands have long recognized the value of new mothers and turning them into loyal consumers early. To support them in this endeavour, MeMob+ analyses the anonymized data and matches it against its billions of records to better define the attributes and interests of this valuable target audience. Through the data management platform, registered MeMob+ users can add demographic, psychographic, behavioural and location insights to the data set, adding the highest level of precision and relevance to their campaigns.

“Thanks to this unique data stream, brands will be able to better identify and understand new mothers’ priorities, needs and journeys, be they physical, emotional or digital, to create more contextually relevant and effective campaigns,” commented Ihab El Yaman, co-founder and managing director of MeMob+. “By layering first, second and third-party data, as well as location, social and even transactional data, we deterministically identify the most appropriate audiences for each product and achieve the highest levels of marketing performance.”