Multiply Group launches workplace wellness program to support employee wellbeing
Posted on 2022 May,29

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Multiply Group, a technology-focused holding company based in Abu Dhabi, has launched a holistic workplace wellness program, as part of their ESG commitment, that will promote work-life balance and support the mental and physical wellbeing of its 3,000+ employees.

Multiply Group’s new Corporate Wellness Program will be administered in partnership with HealthierU and Weill Cornell Medicine-Cardiac Prevention Center (NY). 

Across the Group, all employees who choose to participate will be offered a health assessment covering nutrition, ergonomics, biometric screenings and blood tests. Where high risk factors are identified, employees will also be offered the option for further consultation with medical professionals to support their mental wellbeing and physical health. The program also includes an educational series, providing employees with information on managing concerns such as healthy living, nutrition, and workplace stress and burnout.

Samia Bouazza, CEO and Managing Director at Multiply Group, said: “Investing in business resilience means investing in people. Designed by wellness professionals, this program will help us to ensure that our thousands of employees work in a supportive environment. The value return on this investment is evident in the increased productivity and retention. This is vital to doing business and is embedded across Multiply Group as one of our defining organizational values. Corporate wellness has been recognized in the UAE's National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031 and the recently updated labor law that ensures employers take care of their employees’ wellbeing.”

Lama Al Bachir, Strategy and Growth Director at Multiply Group added: “The importance of mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace has become incredibly clear over the past two years, and as we enter the post-pandemic period, it is a social and business imperative that organizations invest in long-term programs to support their people. Multiply Group’s flagship wellbeing program is a cornerstone of our multi-year ESG commitment, and as we roll it out across our workforce, we will continue to refine it and expand the services we offer in line with our employees’ needs and feedback, to ensure it will stand as a best-practice model of workplace wellness.”

HealthierU, a subsidiary built by Multiply Group, is the operational provider of this Group-level initiative. HealthierU previously announced its tech-driven platform will offer the best preventive and wellness marketplace for various health-related services and products. It aims to improve users’ longevity and elevate the well-being journey for everyone through predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory healthcare. The platform has been medically backed up by Weill Cornell Medicine Cardiac Prevention Center.