Norwegian filmmaker Henrik Rostrup joins electriclime°
Posted on 2023 Sep,27

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Renowned filmmaker Henrik Rostrup joins electriclime° director roster for representation in the APAC and MENA regions.

The Norwegian filmmaker, currently based in Sweden, is a visionary filmmaker known for his distinctive storytelling style, impeccable cinematography, and a portfolio that spans across various genres.

Starting in the early 2000s in the heyday of action-sport videos, Henrik honed his craft both as a director and a cinematographer working with outdoor brands and agencies on a lot of campaigns as a creative.

As his portfolio has grown over the past two decades, he has worked with several high-end brands including Vodafone, Montblanc, Reebok, Visit Saudi and many more.

His work has also seen him link up with a-list celebrities as part of his commercials, including Hugh Jackman and Argentina legend Lionel Messi.

electriclime° are delighted to welcome Henrik to their roster and join the ever-growing filmmaker talent.

“I love the vibe and energy at electriclime° and look forward to working with people who can keep that passion throughout any stage of filmmaking,” Henrik said.

“Filmmaking has always made me dream, taught me about people, relationships and human drive. Those things inspire me the most.

“In all my work I want to find the humanity in every story and I approach every idea with a lot of energy and a big zest for life.”