Orchard Clips to represent footage agency DVArchive-Retrofootage
Posted on 2023 Dec,06

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Orchard Clips has signed a multi-year representation agreement with US-based contemporary and historic footage agency DVArchive-Retrofootage.

The agreement sees Orchard Clips take on DVArchive-Retrofootage’s collections of clips from across Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as well as other international footage related to the region, for licensing to customers both within MENA and worldwide.

Founded in 2001, DVarchive has become a leader in supplying downloadable stock footage to both the low-end and high-end stock footage consumer. Its contemporary stock footage collection has been hand selected by CEO and founder Rick Ray and features wildlife, landscape, nature and world travel along with lifestyle, political and model-released imagery.

The historical Retrofootage collection has been carefully curated from private collections, the US National Archives and other institutions. Most of the footage has been transferred from 16mm and 35mm film to HD with enhancements including noise reduction, colourisation and grading.

Luke Smedley, Head of Orchard Clips said “The DVArchive-Retrofootage collection is impressive in both its size and the range of subjects and time periods covered. Their Middle East and North African footage complements our own collections and will be an invaluable resource for anybody telling stories of the region.”

Over 5,500 clips have been uploaded to the Orchard Clips website, with subjects including the North African front during World War II, the economic development of the UAE, US armed forces in Afghanistan, and high-end travel footage of the Pyramids of Giza.

Speaking of the partnership, Rick Ray, CEO of DVArchive-Retrofootage said “Orchard Clips have quickly established themselves as the leading provider of Middle East and North African footage. It’s great to see our content alongside theirs and opens up a new customer base in the region.”