People invited to choose the world's best tourism film
Posted on 2023 Oct,10

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The CIFFT “People's Choice” Award returns for another edition, inviting viewers from across the globe to cast their votes and define the World's Best Tourism Film by people’s vote. 

With an impressive lineup of 56 captivating videos representing 25 countries, this competition promises an exciting showcase of the best in tourism promotion, gathering major tourism brands, talented filmmakers, production companies, and creative agencies worldwide.

Organized by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) as part of the renowned CIFFT Circuit 2023, the CIFFT “People's Choice” Award aims to generate awareness about the central role of video in promoting global tourism. By engaging the audience directly, the initiative recognizes the power of the people's voice in shaping perceptions and driving the tourism industry forward.

The support of viewers is crucial in determining the winner. 

In the last editions, videos from Greece (2018), Azerbaijan (2019), Spain (2020), Portugal (2021), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2022) were the public's favorite films, winning the prestigious title of World's Best Tourism Film by people’s vote.

"We are thrilled to launch another edition of the CIFFT “People's Choice” Award," said Alexander V. Kammel, CIFFT director. "This award provides an incredible opportunity for individuals to engage with the world of travel through stunning videos and participate in recognizing the exceptional work of talented filmmakers and tourism boards. We encourage everyone to explore the videos and cast their votes for the tourism videos that resonate with them the most.”

Voting is open from October 2nd to 20th, and the audience can visit CIFFT website to support their favorite tourism videos.

The voting process is quick and simple, allowing participants to support their favorite films with just a few clicks. The winner will be announced on the CIFFT website and social networks on October 20th, right after counting votes.