Pikasso Jordan Wins New Advertising Concession in Amman
Posted on 2021 Feb,22

Pikasso Jordan has won the contract to operate the exclusive advertising concession for Souq Bab Al Madinah Mall located in Zarqa, only 31 km Northeast of Amman, Jordan.

Zarqa is the 3rd largest city of Jordan. It boasts a very active city center, two renowned universities and acts as Jordan's Industrial hub with 50% active factories.

Souq Bab Al Madinah will be the new landmark and destination for Zarqa & Russeifa residents and visitors. It includes 358 retail stores and 33 Indoor & Outdoor restaurants and cafes. It also includes the largest branch of Carrefour Hypermarket in the Kingdom, which has already opened its doors in December 2020 generating a daily footfall of 6,000 shoppers. The Grand Opening of the Mall is scheduled for June 2021.

Pikasso is deploying state-of-the-art inventory consisting of a large format digital Screen, which will transform into the main attraction of the mall. It will be complemented with displays, backlits, special wrappings & large formats on external facades.

Rania Daniel Kildani, General Manager of Pikasso, said, “We are delighted with our partnership with Souq Bab Al Madinah which is a unique modern retail destination for Zarqa, which will become the main destination of Zarqa city inhabits as well as the whole governorate.

It will cater to families and young crowd, which is excellent to complement our Amman mall offering. Brands and agencies will benefit from fantastic engaging opportunities with a new extended audience.”  

Dr. Bahjat Saeed, Marketing Director, said,“Through our relations with Pikasso, we continue to be impressed by their professionality in conducting business and their commitment to our project. Our team here at Souq Bab Al Madinah looks forward to this newly formed partnership with Pikasso. Hoping it brings prosperity and success to all.”

Established in 2000, Pikasso Jordan operates a total network of 430 advertising faces and 53 digital screens across the country consisting of 4x3 billboards, and large formats, Unipoles and Landmarks, in prime locations of Amman, as well as 7 exclusive concessions.