Pikasso Jordan renews its ad concession with The Abdali District
Posted on 2023 Dec,04

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Following a competitive tender, Pikasso Jordan has successfully managed to renew and extend its advertising concession with the premium business and residential district of the Jordanian capital, The Abdali District, marking a significant commitment to an enduring partnership for the next 10 years.

The Abdali District’s exclusive concession comprises of three parts: The Boulevard a pedestrian spine of 370 meters surrounded by hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and offices, which is the heart of the district; Large Formats with its Landmarks and Spectaculars; and the internal streets coverage of the whole Abdali District with other specific assets.

Pikasso Jordan will deploy a new range of digital displays comprising of four new large format LED screens, one of them at an angle, to deliver 3D anamorphic contents in addition to a network of LCD digital totems.

All digital inventory will include audience measurement, which will make it possible to calculate impressions close to real time offering new performance metrics, capacitating programmatic booking of campaigns.

Eng. Amer Ahmad Tarawneh The Abdali Group Chief Executive Officer said: "We value Pikasso Jordan's commitment to enhancing the visual landscape of The Abdali District. Their innovative advertising solutions align with our vision for creating a vibrant and dynamic city center."

Kinan Jaradat The Abdali Group Commercial Director said: "Renewing our partnership with Pikasso Jordan signifies a shared dedication to elevating the advertising standards at The Abdali. We look forward to the impactful digital media opportunities they bring to enrich the experience of our visitors and residents alike."

Rania Daniel Kildani, General Manager of Pikasso Jordan, added: "We are delighted to have been awarded and renewed this strategic contract to upgrade with new State of the Art digital inventory to complement our existing static locations, continuing our long-term partnership. The introduction of large and iconic digital media opportunities will create memorable brand experiences.

Antonio Vincenti, CEO of Pikasso Jordan, said: “Winning the renewed trust of The Abdali Development Authority is an honor. Now that Abdali District has flourished and become the place to be in Amman for corporations, banks headquarters, tourism, casual dining & shopping, Pikasso Jordan will roll out custom design digital screens to engage the public while contributing to the embellishment of the new vibrant city center of Amman.”