Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University amongst the Top Prestigious Universities in the Arab World
Posted on 2021 Aug,05

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Out of 157 universities in the Arab World, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) ranked fourth on the list of the top higher education institutions. 

According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, five Saudi universities are among the Top Ten Arab Universities for the year 2021. The ranking is built around 13 meticulously calibrated performance indicators that assess performance in four areas: teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international view.

PMU successfully made its way into this ranking by immense efforts from its faculty and staff. Though the year 2020 was very challenging, it did not stop the University from pursuing the efforts and ranking amongst the most prestigious institutes in the Arab World.

PMU aims to align its goal with KSA Vision 2030 that creates a vibrant society, empowering the next generation to be change agents. The university also provides state of the art campus facilities, such as advanced classrooms, cutting-edge laboratory equipment for a strong emphasis on research. PMU has expanded its operations in the process of instilling entrepreneurial ideas in young graduates by establishing the Prince Turki Center for Creativity & Entrepreneurship. PMU has also established a Cybersecurity Center, an AI Center, a cutting edge Robotics Lab, the World UNESCO chair in the Intergenerational Transition Studies, and is constantly updating its offerings with new programs, a College of Medicine and Health Sciences and a Teaching Hospital.

The fundamental objective across KSA is to empower youth and prepare a generation of professionals and researchers that contribute to the endless opportunities in the Saudi Arabia emerging economy. The Pandemic played a significant influence in shifting physical education to virtual classrooms; however, this has not only prepared PMU students to solve challenges online, but has also compelled many faculty members to design new strategies via virtual webinars.

This year's ranking, which is widely trusted by students, instructors, governments, and industry professionals worldwide, provides valuable insight into the shifting balance of power in global higher education and emphasizes these efforts in the Arab world.

"The goal is to produce lifelong learners, and PMU is doing everything it can to connect its goals with the VISION 2030 and the result is impressive in such a short period," said Dr. Issa Alansari (PMU - President). The challenge remains to keep those high ranks and to contribute the progress towards increased global visibility.