Rayyan Jamjoom at the helm of Social Clinic KSA
Posted on 2024 Feb,08

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As Rayyan Jamjoom takes the helm as the newly appointed CEO of Social Clinic, he reflects on a compelling professional journey rooted in diverse experiences.

On the 2013 shift from Unilever to FADEN MEDIA, a major digital advertising media group in Saudi Arabia, Rayyan Jamjoom recalls: "Joining Faden was irresistible due to its challenging environment and the passion of its leadership."

This decision laid the groundwork for his transformative leadership journey.

Sharing his entrepreneurial experiences, Rayyan emphasizes, "My growth hasn't always been due to successes. Along the way, I've learned a great deal from experiences that were not successful, shaping me into the person I am today."

With pride, Rayyan reflects on Social Clinic's growth: "Acquiring Social Clinic in 2017 allowed us to evolve from a digital boutique to a full-fledged communication agency with over 100 employees."

Expressing his commitment to Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, Rayyan asserts, "Today's Saudi Arabia, led by HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, is witnessing unprecedented progress. I'm excited to contribute through our expertise to this ambitious vision."

As he takes the reins at Social Clinic, Rayyan expresses gratitude, saying, "I am grateful for the journey so far and excited for what lies ahead. Here's to making an impact in the world of advertising and communication."

Today Social Clinic and its new leadership embark on a new chapter in the dynamic regional and local landscape of advertising and communication with promising innovation and growth.