Snap AR adds a new facet to Tiffany & Co.’s Iconic Jewelry
Posted on 2022 Jun,20

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In partnership with Tiffany and Co., Snap AR is bringing 185 years of the House of Tiffany and the launch of its exhibition, Vision & Virtuosity, at Saatchi Gallery in London, into a new dimension. 

The exterior of Saatchi Gallery is transformed into a beautiful Tiffany jewel using Snap’s Custom Landmarker technology, announced earlier this year as part of the Snap Partner Summit. 

Part of its efforts to continuously advance its AR platform and enable its community of 250,000 Lens creators to build new experiences, Snapchat’s new feature called “Custom Landmarkers” lets creators build unique AR experiences for local places they care about. The company says the feature, which is accessible in its Lens Studio, can be used to create landmarkers for things like statues and storefronts in creators’ local communities.

And today, Tiffany and Co. is benefiting from this Snapchat feature.

For those who dream of donning one of Tiffany & Co.’s pieces, inside the exhibit is an exclusive AR Try-On experience giving visitors a chance to try on the famous Tiffany Diamond. The Lens is available for those in the gallery halls via the Tiffany App, powered by Camera Kit. 

For Snapchatters around the world, they’re also able to get a glimpse of the sparkle. A globally available Lens featuring Tiffany and Co.’s heritage Bird on a Rock, sends the Schlumberger bird flying around you and in your surroundings. Once you extend your hand you see where the bird lands! And a second Lens, called Diamond Facets, lets you see the world through the light reflections of a Tiffany diamond.