Sweetshop adds Aggressive duo, Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller, to director roster
Posted on 2023 Jan,17

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Worldwide production company Sweetshop has added director duo Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller, ‘AGGRESSIVE’, to their roster in Asia and China.

America-based AGGRESSIVE, are Grammy award winning filmmakers, with extensive experience in curating live action and complex 3D worlds, and have already worked with some of the biggest brands and artists such as Amazon, Boeing, Honda, Intel, Pharrell, Alicia Keys and The Beatles amongst many others.

The duo started out as designers and visual artists in 2001, moving to music videos in 2004 before stepping into commercials around 2008. Their all encompassing knowledge of filmmaking makes them a real asset; understanding motion graphics, live action elements and how to integrate them into a seamless finished product.

Director Alex Topaller says, “I’m so excited about our collaboration with the Sweetshop, having worked together in Asia in the past, it's a no brainer — our previous projects together turned out amazing, and the entire team felt like one big family”.

Director Dan Shapiro also voiced his excitement saying,“Each project is a team effort, so we always try to surround ourselves with the best, and at the Sweetshop, this is exactly what we’ll get”.

Regional Managing Director for Sweetshop Asia and China, Laura Geagea says “AGGRESSIVE are masters of their craft and we are so excited to have them onboard. We worked with them on Oneplus last year and just had to sign them up. They are a powerhouse in the 3D world, seamlessly blending live action and visual effects with expert ease. They have an affinity for beautifully impactful design and film.”