The Bold Group secures the Saudi Payments account
Posted on 2023 May,04

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The Bold Group, a Saudi-based independent marketing and communications agency, has recently secured the Saudi Payments account. 

This win represents a significant milestone for the company that offers a range of services under its three verticals: Bold Brands, Bold Comms, and Bold Experience, with each vertical specializing in a different area of marketing, branding, and experiential marketing, respectively. 

Saudi Payments is the only and major payment system in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saudi Central Bank. The Bold Group has been selected to handle the Saudi Payments account with its three sub-brands: mada, sarie, and sadad. 

The company's strategic approach, creativity, and expertise in the industry make it the perfect partner for Saudi Payments, as they aim to strengthen their local brand presence and achieve their business goals.

“As a local agency working for a national brand, The Bold Group is able to bring a unique perspective and understanding of the local market. With a deep understanding of the Saudi Arabian culture and consumer behavior, The Bold Group is able to provide a tailored approach to marketing that resonates with the target audience. This ability to connect with the local audience is becoming more critical as more national brands look to connect with their local audiences,” reads a press statement from The Bold Group.

This success of The Bold Group with the Saudi Payments account is a testament to the growing impact of local agencies in the marketing industry.