The Creative Floor Awards creates candle art collection
Posted on 2023 Oct,11

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The Creative Floor Awards, the renowned healthcare awards that celebrate world- class creative but also agency people, clients and healthcare companies, have created a brand new working from home candle collection that will be an additional revenue generator for their Talent & Diversity Fund.

The platform has collaborated with the world's best mixologists and yogis to create four exclusive scents to help people thrive with working from home.

Only 100 candles per scent have been created. Each one has been hand signed and numbered and bear relatable and creative names.

The four scents are: Out of office; Sans Bullshit; All Nighter; Pitch Win.

Each candle is hand crafted and poured in the United Kingdom. Made from ethical and natural ingredients. 100% vegan and not tested on animals. A tree is also planted when every candle is purchased from The Creative Floor Awards online shop.