The PR Academy MENA held first regional 'Communication in the Metaverse' master class
Posted on 2022 Nov,26

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In collaboration with Dubai Media Incorporated, one of the largest media organisations in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, The PR Academy MENA is the first academic institute in the Middle East to offer the master class training workshop, 'Communication in Metaverse,' which took place on 21 and 22 November.

Led by internationally recognised PR Futurist Stuart Bruce, this two-day masterclass took a deep dive into how technology is disrupting government communications and examined how it unlocks the potential to achieve greater success. It also explored everything from artificial intelligence, data and analytics to augmented reality and the metaverse.

Reem Maswadeh, head of communications and co-founder of The PR Academy MENA, said: "We have continuously strived to present our students and the region with the most advanced, contemporary knowledge to empower their skill sets and prepare them for the future. Stuart Bruce is an internationally recognised instructor who is helping drive the digital transformation of public relations, presenting students with the keys to navigating the metaverse in this fast-changing digital landscape. The PR Academy MENA is proud to have been the first in the region to have offered a master class of this nature and calibre. We look forward to continue equipping our students with the insight to explore this new communication dimension."

Dubai Media Incorporated's role and participation in the training workshop significantly contributed to the spread of knowledge about the metaverse through a variety of social activities that further highlighted the digital era the UAE is witnessing across all levels. The embodiment of Dubai Media Incorporated's vision under its leadership demonstrates the importance of investing in future capabilities and talent to remain at the forefront of future developments in the media industry. Employees from the two organisations will also actively participate in the workshop to highlight the importance of technology and the metaverse on the governmental level and across all fields of communication.

Stuart Bruce said: "I enjoy delivering educational sessions in Dubai, where I always meet telecom professionals with a great passion for knowledge. It is encouraging to see the ideas we discuss become a reality when professionals from across the Levant begin to implement them throughout the MENA and GCC regions."

Abdulwahed Juma, CEO of Commercial Affairs and Partnerships - DMI, said: "Dubai Media Incorporated has always been keen to highlight the profound successes and achievements of the United Arab Emirates in many sectors and specifically its leading role as an important regional commercial hub. Dubai Media Incorporated also seeks to develop its employees' skills to elevate their capabilities. This initiative is an integral part of future plans to develop the media in the UAE toward achieving further success in the future."

The metaverse is presenting a shift in how we interact with technology via virtual reality or augmented reality. Stuart cut through the hype to reveal to students how communication is changing and the technologies and professional practices they need to know to deliver successful government communications. He addressed the evolution of technology, emerging technologies, AI ethics, and blockchain, among many other progressive subjects that are becoming necessary knowledge for young and established professionals.

Stuart is a chartered public relations practitioner with extensive experience in public relations, corporate communications and public affairs. He has advised and trained PR professionals from more than 400 companies in more than 50 countries and is a visiting lecturer at Rotterdam School of Management, Leeds Beckett University, Hull Business School and The PR Academy.

The 'Communication in the Metaverse' master class is one of many being offered by The PR Academy MENA that students can enrol for at any time.