TikTok challenges agencies to unleash their creativity in 'Rock the Tok' regional competition
Posted on 2021 Jun,21

If there is one industry where the competitive spirit flies high at all times, it is the media industry. The camaraderie that comes with competing with industry counterparts, whether in client pitches or at award shows, is unique to the agency ecosystem and one that positively impacts and accelerates creativity across the board.

TikTok’s latest initiative titled 'Rock the Tok' has been designed to tap into this agency ecosystem and offer them an opportunity to further unleash their creative spirit through a region-wide competition on TikTok.

In partnership with The Marketing Society - a global community of leading marketers, TikTok’s Rock the Tok will provide regional agencies the freedom to explore their creativity on its platform, with the winning agency receiving USD 20,000 worth of ad credits and collaborations with three popular TikTok creators to bring their proposed campaign to life. The winning team will also have exclusive access to TikTok’s brand strategy team and a consultation with the TikTok Creative Lab, along with several other prizes for the individual team members.

TikTok’s partnership with the media industry in the region is said to have been a priority since the launch of TikTok For Business last year. As part of this agenda, TikTok For Business rolled out Ads Academy at TikTok Hive in December last year - a virtual educational programme for top media agencies in the region, that sheds light on the platform’s unique solutions, tools and looks to arm the industry with creative best practices to successfully execute their next TikTok campaign.

Shant Oknayan, General Manager of Global Business Solutions METAP said, “Since our arrival in the region, some of the most creative campaigns on TikTok have been crafted by our media partners who have boldly experimented with our platform and advertising solutions with exceptional results. The Rock the Tok competition has been designed to encourage this creativity further and provide the media industry the freedom to explore and build credible, inspirational and entertaining content. I am very excited to see the creative work which will come out of regional agencies during this competition, and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise, which I am confident will benefit the participants not just for this competition, but as they progress in their careers”.

Marketers, creatives and advertisers from agencies across the Middle East, Turkey, and Pakistan  can enter the Rock the Tok competition in teams of up to four participants, and will need to submit TikTok videos and a supporting write up for one or more of the following briefs before July 8th, 2021.

  • TikTok for everyone: In this category, agencies will need to prove that every brand will find its place on TikTok. Agencies will have to choose a brand seemingly unsuitable for TikTok and create a campaign for their target audience.
  • Learn on TikTok: In this category, agencies will need to demonstrate that TikTok is not only entertaining, but also educates, inspires or motivates. Agencies will have to highlight TikTok as a platform where valuable content exists which provides food for thought.
  • TikTok beyond the HTC: In this category, agencies will need to demonstrate that TikTok is not only for awareness but also for a full funnel approach, by showing how to go from awareness to conversion to achieve success for their chosen brand.

During the competition, TikTok will work closely with participants in building their skills on the platform, by providing access to TikTok tutorial videos, including a ‘How to TikTok’ guide, as well as case studies of successful creators and brand campaigns on TikTok, both globally and from the region.