Toronto Congress Keynote: dentsu's Jeff Greenspoon on the opportunities for Out of Home in the digital economy
Posted on 2022 May,03

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Jeff Greenspoon President, Global Solutions dentsu International will deliver the Keynote Address at the World Out of Home Organization (WOO) Global Congress in Toronto set to take place from May 25-27.

Greenspoon, who founded digital agency SPOKE, currently leads dentsu's integrated strategy, client management and innovation groups and launched the agency's Solutions Group in the Americas.

Greenspoon's theme is ‘Accelerating Growth in The Digital Economy’. 

The last 24 months have changed everything: how we work, how we consume media, how we shop and what our expectations of the brands we do business with are. In today’s consumer-led, demand-driven and data-fuelled market, the distance between brand inspiration and commercial interaction narrows each day.

Greenspoon will explore the key challenges that brands and media owners face in navigating increased competition, information overload and rapidly changing consumer behaviour. He will discuss five future-proofed themes that empower modern brands to better attract, grow and retain their customers in 2022 and beyond – and how these trends help highlight the massive opportunity for innovation and growth in the OOH market.

WOO President Tom Goddard says: "As an industry it is vital that Out of Home looks forward into a future that is challenging but also full of opportunities. There is no better guide to this new world than Jeff Greenspoon, a dynamic entrepreneur who combines unrivalled digital knowledge with a deep understanding of media and the particular role of Out of Home."