USEK Grants 200 Full Scholarships to Victims of Beirut Explosion
Posted on 2020 Sep,07

Following the dramatic event of Beirut Port blast on August 4, which saw a city totally devastated, the President of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), Reverend Father Talal Hachem, announced that the University will be offering 200 full scholarships to the students whose families have been affected by the Beirut explosion. This announcement was made in the presence of University Council members, faculty, staff, and media representatives.

In his introduction, Fr. Hachem stressed that “this latest hard blow has added to the economic, social, political and health woes besieging Lebanon on all levels. These successive crises have had an impact on various local sectors since the beginning of the current year, including educational institutions and, most particularly, students and their families.”

USEK “is drawing on its social responsibility and on its parent institution, i.e. the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM), headed by its Superior General, Most Reverend Father Abbot Neemtallah Hachem, to launch several initiatives meeting the pressing needs of our society in these dire times.” Reminding of Pope Francis’ message of encouragement for “all Lebanese to persevere in hope and to summon the strength and energy needed to start anew,” the USEK president announced that “the University – based on OLM support – will be offering 200 full scholarships to students whose families have been affected by the Beirut port explosion, in keeping with its firm belief that education is a main pillar of our society.”

Fr. Hachem asserted: “This modest decision that aims to heal wounds is in line with the mission of our University, which has long been grounded in solidarity, determination, and the constant pursuit of quality in education in order to create a nurturing environment that encourages our students to pursue their education, develop their skills and capacities, remain attached to their country and families, and excel in their new professional life locally and internationally. As such, USEK will keep on standing by its students and all students so that everyone can access the best educational chances.”

In conclusion, he said, “these 200 new scholarships, which cover several programs to various extents, are part of USEK’s social responsibility and will be awarded based on clear standards to students whose families have been affected by the Beirut port explosion upon reviewing their respective cases with the competent authorities.”

In addition to submitting the necessary documents attesting that their main residence or main source of income has been affected by the Beirut explosion, eligible students should meet the admission requirements for the academic program in question. Given that the number of seats per program is limited, scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. In order to make things easier for new students, the late registration period is extended until September 9, 2020.

Interested people may contact USEK admissions Office on 09 600 050 or at [email protected]