WOO Global Congress announces new speakers
Posted on 2024 May,21

At the World Out of home Organization (WOO) Global Congress Annual Global Congress that will take place in Hong Kong from June 5-7, new speakers have been announced: Michael Provenzano on going global, Jean-Christophe Conti on Programmatic DOOH 2.0.

Vistar co-founder and CEO Michael Provenzano will discuss the potential for Out of Home to go beyond local audiences and mine significant revenue opportunities on an international scale. He will provide a comprehensive guide to preparing for and capitalising on the growing demand for cross-border advertising placements including essential strategies for media owners aiming to attract global advertisers. This entails the adoption of scalable technologies and systems that adeptly manage complexities including currency exchanges and varied data segments.

J-C Conti is CEO of VIOOH, a leading global digital OOH marketplace. He leads a team of digital OOH tech experts developing and managing VIOOH’s platform, which connects buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace, making OOH easily accessible.

He will dispel many of the myths affecting programmatic DOOH including the accusations that it is designed for low value inventory and programmatic will cannibalise some existing revenue streams.

Programmatic 2.0 is here to stay, he will say, and OOH media owners need to embrace it to be competitive in an ever-changing media landscape.

WOO CMO Richard Saturley says: "Two of the biggest issues facing Out of Home are the need to attract international and global advertisers by giving them what they need and making the medium easier to buy at scale. We couldn't have two more expert industry pioneers to examine these issues in depth than Vistar's Michael Provenzano and VIOOH's Jean-Christophe Conti."    

The programme is currently being finalised with further announcements to follow.