What are the top 15 most watched TV Shows in Lebanon?
Posted on 2021 Apr,14

Every week ArabAd in collaboration with Ipsos will share the TOP 15 TV PROGRAMS running on Lebanese local stations (namely Tele Liban, LBCI, Al Jadeed, MTV, OTV, Manar, NBN, Future TV, LB2), which are attracting the highest audience--a ranking based on the total number of the target audience (viewers counted are adults of 15+ age).

The table shows the station name, the program name, the genre of the program, as well as the metrics.

The programs identified and ranked this time are the ones broadcast between 19:00 and 22:59 PM during the week extending from 5 April to 11 April 2021.

Excluded are programs pertaining to weather, debates political, special report and political, conference, religion and reruns.

'Hadeth Qaleb' still tops the rankings, and remains the most watched program on Lebanese channels.

However, this time two Lebanese series replace the Turkish ones that were previously ranked #2 and #3, as local productions seem to be gaining popularity (i.e 'Rahu', 'Rasif al Ghuraba'', 'Albi Dak') yet Turkish series, still have their loyal audience.

Al Jadeed 'W Halla Shu' is the most watched political talk show.

LBCI's 'Fi:Male' is the most watched variety show. And on the same channel, '#Lahon_Wbas' is the most popular social show.

The programs are scored and ranked according to the average minute rating (AMR%).

AMR% - Average Rating per Minute - Average number of individuals who have seen a specific program or day part.
RCH% - Reach - Number of different individuals who have seen at least one minute of a program during a specified interval.
Number of appearances - Number of times a program has aired during a specific period (19:00-22:59 PM).

Check back each week to see the top ranked television programs in Lebanon.