Zoom is the most downloaded business app in the U.S.
Posted on 2023 Feb,26

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The pandemic ushered in a new shift to video conferencing services, with Zoom emerging as the winner of this segment despite competing against established brands. With normalcy returning following the health crisis, Zoom still holds the upper hand, going by the number of the platform's downloads.

In this line, data acquired by Finbold on February 21 indicates that Zoom was the most downloaded business app in the United States across 2022 at 37 million, followed by Microsoft Teams at 25 million, while Indeed ranks third after recording 19.4 million downloads. Microsoft Authenticator emerged fourth with 17.2 million downloads, while Google Chat fifth at 15.1 million.

Other business apps making it to the top ten list include Adobe Acrobat Leader(13.4 million), DoorDash (12.5 million), ADP Mobile Solution (11.8 million), LinkedIn (11.5 million), and Uber Driver (10.9 million).

In terms of revenue, the 2022 fiscal year marked Zoom's highest returns at $4.09 billion, representing a growth of 54% from 2021's value of $2.6 billion. In 2020, Zoom's full-year revenue amounted to $622.6 million; in 2019, the value was $330.52 million.


Zoom maintains popularity after the pandemic

The research acknowledged how Zoom has managed to sustain a high number of downloads after the pandemic acted as a key trigger. According to the research report: "Zoom's ability to rank as the most downloaded business app in the U.S. highlights the platform's resilience to maintain its popularity after bursting on the scene triggered by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The growth has been sustained despite the world emerging from extended lockdowns. In this case, initial drivers that inspired the platform's adoption, such as work-from-home policies, have helped the app retain usage for personal and business purposes."

With the download numbers remaining impressive, Zoom still faces several headwinds stemming from economic uncertainty and the growing competition from established brands.