electriclime° signs Singaporean Clare Chong to growing roster of directing talent
Posted on 2023 Aug,28

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electriclime°, the boutique production company with offices in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney, has added talented Singaporean filmmaker Clare Chong to its director roster.

She will be represented exclusively in the MENA and Australia markets, but remain freelance throughout the Asia markets.

Clare has worked her way up through the filmmaking industry, having started out as a production assistant and gained experience in several departments on her journey to being a commercial director.

The filmmaker is known for her works concerned with issues prevalent in mundane life; the wink of an eye, the slight curl of the lips, a twitch in the ears.

Her subjects are often quiet outcasts of society we don’t pay attention to, and her works challenge the viewers’ means of gazing and observing.

She previously worked with electriclime° for computer brand Intel, while she has also shot films for brands such as Lenovo, Olay, Amazon and many more.

And this year she was recently a participant of the Locarno Filmmakers Academy 2023, where she presented her short film A Waking.

Clare said: “I’ve been following electriclime°'s work for a long time and love the creative output that has come out over the years. Not to mention, I appreciate the amount of thought they put into how their brand is presented. There’s a strong curation of directors, and I'm really looking forward to joining the roster of talents.

“I’m excited about the opportunities that I will have with electriclime, and especially in terms of working more internationally as I believe that is what is going to push me, and my work further.

“A lot of my work also draws inspiration from talking to people, understanding how one reacts in certain situations, how they tackle problems, and how different people interact in different social settings.

“For me performance is key. I spend quite a bit of time in the casting process, and I always conduct rehearsals and workshops for my cast, especially if it is a narrative driven piece. I’m also very meticulous about my production design, wardrobe and make up choices, as these are the key things that really bring the film to life.

“I’m drawn to fantastical worlds, dreams, and the surreal, so these elements often find their way into my works. In terms of shooting style, I'm dynamic and adaptable, it really depends on the scope of the project. Whatever the brief is, I’m always trying new styles or techniques to constantly challenge myself.”