Ipsos Releases First Wave of Consumer Sentiment Tracker in MENA
Posted on 2020 Mar,27

Ipsos, has launched The COVID-19 MENA Consumer Sentiment Tracker, which monitors a multitude of aspects in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, including, but not limited to concerns about the virus, expectations from authorities, changes in behaviors, and perceived impact.
Here are some key findings from the wave between March 20 and March 23, 2020:
1.    People Support Strict Measures to Contain the Virus
People are largely supporting of the idea of self-containment to help stopping the spread of the virus.
2.    Fears Towards Financial Security Outweigh Concerns on Personal Health
People believe the virus is more likely to impact their jobs and financial well-being as opposed to personal health.
3.    Precautionary Measures are Displayed Across MENA. However, there are Differences
The vast majority across the region are spending more time at home and there is an increase in e commerce. People in Jordan and Lebanon more likely to stock up on food and water compared to other countries.
4.    Significant Level of Distrust Towards What People are Hearing About COVID-19
Many believe that the media exaggerates the magnitude of the situation, and that a significant amount of the information they are receiving about the virus is inaccurate.
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