Jabbour Re-Elected President of Lebanon's Advertising Association
Posted on 2016 Sep,30

Lebanon's Advertising Association (AA) held a regular session of its General Assembly at the Syndicate’s headquarters in Sin el-Fil, in the presence of two representatives of the Minister of Labour and the members of the AA.

The committee highlighted the achievements and work in progress. In this context, George Jabbour, President of the AA, highlighted the role of the association in anticipating the problems faced by the industry during the past five years, starting with the incorporation of all the sectors related to the advertising into the Syndicate. Jabbour noted: “The AA revealed its strength by unifying these sectors and creating at the same time an arbitration center -- to solve the disagreements that occur between the advertising companies on one hand, but also between agencies and advertisers on the other hand -- that made out the AA the only reference in the advertising field”.

Moreover, the committee submitted a report on the association financial statement and got the discharge of the General Assembly, before electing six new members for the board of twelve, for a period of four years. The new members are: Hana Khatib, Claude Hajjar, Alain Yazbeck, Serge Dagher, Mazen Moussallem and Alain Hochar.

At the end, the new committee met internally and elected George Jabbour as President; Carol Hayek as Vice-President; Youssef Ayache as Secretary and Claude Hajjar as Treasurer.