TBWARAAD introduces its insights microsite
Posted on 2020 Apr,02

As humanity navigates through an unprecedented time of unsettling realities, culture is shifting in every direction. It has become crucial for brands and businesses to weather the storm by accelerating fundamental decision-making to meaningfully connect with people.

TBWARAAD introduces its insights microsite, an interactive platform that houses the latest insights, tools and evocative predictions about culture and industries on the back of the COVID-19 happenings.

TBWARAAD’s insights microsite includes different thought starters to explore, that serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration on how to keep brands active during these critical times:

  • Backslash MENA COVID-19 Special Edition: a weekly series of triggering questions, a report of predictions that highlights the most interesting COVID-19 happenings, the future trends they shape, and their impact on industries and brands.
  • COVID-19 Marketing Flash-Advisor: a guide that provides advice to help brands test their choices and ideas and make marketing decisions in a turbulent environment.
  • Brand White Paper: An assessment on brand behaviour around COVID-19, with recommendations on how brands can shift their strategies to react to emerging consumer behavior and sentiment.

Reda Raad, Group CEO of TBWARAAD said: “There has never been a more significant time for brands to think of the wider community and repurpose their decisions and strategies to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. We have put together this platform, sharing our knowledge and expertise in communication, in an effort to provide concise and helpful information and useful tools to help brands and businesses identify meaningful opportunities and drive positive impact.”

Speaking of Backslash MENA COVID-19 Special Edition, Remie Abdo, Head of Strategy at TBWARAAD said: “In these stringent and uncertain times, everyone has more questions than answers. We provide some of these answers, although still in the form of a question that starts with What If”. The Backslash MENA COVID-19 Special Edition helps brands identify opportunities amongst the darkest challenge of our generation”.

Speaking of the COVID-19 Marketing Flash-Advisor Jennifer Fischer, Chief Innovation Officer at TBWARAAD said: “Deciding what’s the next step for your brand has never been harder. Now’s the time to make the right choice. And the right choice requires business acumen, marketing know-how, as well as a healthy dose of ethics and empathy. We don’t have all the answers. Only you can take the right decision for your business, but we hope this guide will come in handy.”