‘Our Heartbeats’, Babyshop’s UAE National Day Film ‘Casts’ Babies in the Womb
Posted on 2020 Dec,21  | By ArabAd's staff

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was formed in 1971 combining the seven Emirates of Dubai: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

The Year 2020, despite the crisis, has been proclaimed to be the Year of Getting Ready for the UAE’s 100th Anniversary in 2071. 50 years ago, its founding fathers designed the lives its people lead today. With its vision set to being one of the world’s most reputed nations, the country is looking forward to the next fifty years and enabling a positive future for its generations to come.

Now, every year, on December 2, the UAE celebrates its unification and its achievements on its National Day. And for this occasion, we see a milieu of songs and messages from leading brands keen to build stronger affinity with the Emirati population.

This year, Babyshop, a leading children’s retailer in the UAE, wanted to share a different perspective, (its first major campaign for National Day in the UAE), doing something that no brand has explored when it comes to national days in the region: talking about the future but through targeting those who will take us to the future.

Founded in 1973, the Middle East retailer has always stood for ‘giving children a world they deserve’ and through its products, services, experiences and acts, Babyshop has brought that promise to life over the years.

So, on December 1, a day prior to UAE’s 49th National Day, to mark the occasion, in an environment riddled with anxiety about the future (and amidst the typical songs and ads of National Day), Babyshop conveyed an unexpected uplifting message by sharing a glimpse into the UAE’s future; a message that brings hope and optimism, featuring those whose first steps will be the nation’s next.

A film titled “Our Heartbeats”, pays an ode to the future of the nation, on the day it was born. Narrated through the voice of Mr. Faisal, a man from the UAE, born in 1971 (the year of UAE’s formation), the film features never-seen-before shots of both babies being formed (through ultrasound, 3D and 4D scans of babies in the womb) juxtaposed with metaphorical shots of many unseen parts of the UAE depicting its own formation and progress (through aerial shots).

The soundtrack is an original soundtrack composed in the UK, which merges real heartbeats with a special softer rendition of the UAE National Anthem.



In sharing an ode to the future of the nation, on the day it was born, Babyshop’s message doesn’t just stand out from the clutter and norms, but also, connects with parents and the country overall, in paying its tribute to the babies of tomorrow who will shape the future of the UAE heading into its 2071 vision.

Promoted through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and WhatsApp marketing, the reactions to the film from the Emirati and the expatriate communities is said to have been very positive.

Along with the film, the brand also launched a host of in-store, on-ground and influencer-driven celebrations based on celebrating the future.

And as a final nod of its appreciation for the UAE, Babyshop also launched a modified version of its logo in the UAE, to embody the UAE flag’s colours.



Brand: Babyshop

Head of Marketing: Mitin Chakraborty

Asst. Manager - Social Media: Joana Lima



Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai

Regional Executive Creative Directors: Oliver Robinson, Fouad Abdel Malak

Regional Head of Strategy: Tahaab Rais

Group Account Director: Vicky Kriplani

Creative Director, Copywriter: Aunindo Anoop Sen

Copywriter: Vaibhava Bhatnagar

Art Director: Smit Agrawal

Head of Arabic: Manar Munjed

Account Manager: Alston D’sa



Production Company: FEEL Productions

Director: Tahaab Rais

Producer: Sandip Shivtarkar

Cinematography, Editing and Colourist: Ashraf Muhammadunny

Music composer: Joe Dickinson

Sound engineer: Aswin Kumar

Production Coordinator: Jayvee John Vonn Banaag